Top 10 plant care tips

10 tips for plant careWithout proper caring of plants, your garden may decay. Your garden would be indoor or outdoor; it’s not a matter, both types of plants need proper care. Plants decorate your house, purify the air and also improve your physical and mental health. For your plant ensure good environment, required nutrients, and water. You need healthy plants to get a better result. If your plants may attack diseases or insects, you know fast if you take care of them in a right way and you can take a step against pests or diseases. These top 10 plant caring tips help you to make a quick guide to plant care.

Top 10 plant care tips:

  1. Before planting new plants prepare proper environment: before planting good prepare soil is the first step. At least 6 inches top layer of soil loosens and mix organic fertilizer with this soil such as manure, compost, and peat moss. You can compare this process like take care of a baby.
  2. Don’t smother new plants with too thick soil blanket: most of the flower seeds are just covered so make sure that the soil layer is ¼ inch thick. But most of us doing a common mistake by planting flowers seeds are too deep. So, be careful before planting. Before planting or using any chemical products read the instruction again and again then follow them.
  3. Usefully composted yard waste: all material of compost doesn’t decompose at the same time. If you are not sure about the condition of yard compost, then it’s better to avoid it because infected plant debris may attack your healthy plants.
  4. Keep an eye on your bugs: insects damage many your plants than diseases. There are some insects, and they work as a virus and spread it one to next plants. For example, Aphids is one of them. This insect may occur huge looses if you plant commercially. So, keep an eye on the bugs so that at the beginning of attack you can take action and protect your gardens.plant care tips
  5. Apply correct fertilizer: be careful when fertilizing the plants, too much fertilizer may burn plants roots and also may reduce the plant’s ability to absorb water. Too much or too lees nothing is good for plants. Always use fertilizer as the plant’s requirements. And try to use organic fertilizer and avoid chemical fertilizer. Chemical products are not environment-friendly.
  6. Avoid overwater or underwater: both are harmful to plants, but underwater is better than overwater because overwater may quickly dye them. You don’t need a schedule for watering them because every plant’s demand is not same. So, watering them according to their requirement.
  7. Make a schedule with personal life and social life: when making a schedule keep some time for taking caring of your garden as your regular basis. Try to spend every 15-20 minutes in your garden. It also refreshes your mind.
  8. If necessary, increasing humidity: there are plants which prefer more humidity than another plant. To these type of plants spray them sometimes.
  9. Safe your plants from pests and diseases. If you notice any changes don’t delay. Take step against these.
  10. Sunlight is needed for every plant.

These top 10 plant care tips are needed to know every gardener. Without proper caring, they can’t grow well properly, and we can’t get our required result.

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