Watering house plant guide

It’s a common question for every gardener “how often should I water my plants.” We know that without watering our plant must die. This is a fundamental ingredient for every type of plants. It’s especially crucial for houseplants because they don’t get any natural source of water. Main causes of indoor plants death are too little water or too much water. It seems simple that watering houseplant is very easy, but at first, you know the requirements. This watering houseplant guide will help you to know the requirements of plant watering.Watering houseplant

Watering houseplant guide:

Watering from the top: the most common way of a watering houseplant is pouring the water out of the plants and soil, then leave it for sometimes to soak it. For this method, your potting must need better drainage system so that excess water can run out. In this system give the plant good drinking water. After draining all water make sure that your tray or planting pot is not flooded with water still now, be careful and notice that your plants are not sitting in water. For a large collection of plants, it will be an easy way for you. But this method has some cons, for example, you can’t ensure that your plants get enough water to their requirements. The wet soil of the top can’t ensure that your plants get enough water and soil soaked it. Another con of this method is since you always watering them on the surface level of the soil so, they always keep wet, and water may produce gnats.

Watering plants from bottom: you can supply water to your plants from the bottom of the plants. Most of the plant’s roots come to the bottom of the pot. You can try this method for indoor plants. Fill the tray or saucer under the pot of the plants and let some time to soak the water according to their requirements. Some plants are sensitive to getting wet; this is method is preferable for this type of plants. Some advantages of this method for example: since the surface level of the soil become dry for every time so, soil gnats can’t produce. But be careful because it may cause overwatering. So, don’t forget to remove excess water from the tray or saucer. Don’t allow water for more times.

When to water your houseplants: for a watering houseplant, there is no any strict routine. All plants don’t need the same watering at the same time. Their requirement is not same. Each plant has their likes, and you need to know their requirements. By practice and experience, you came to know this. It’s very simple you don’t need to worry about it. By interacting that means touching of the soil surface level and try to push your finger on the soil and examine it is dry or moist. You can also buy instruments to check the moisture level of the soil. If you think the soil is about to dry, then it needs to water. So, watering plants according to their requirements. Overwatering or lack of water, ma causes your plants death.

Watering houseplant idea

Follow watering houseplant guide and watering your plants when they need water. Watering your plants not excess or not less. If you can’t understand, then talk to an expert for suggestions.



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