How to build a natural looking waterfall

natural looking waterfall

Build a beautiful waterfall not only increases your property value but also introduces tranquility and makes this place natural for animals and birds. By following some steps, you can build an eye-catching waterfall. Now we know how to build a natural looking waterfall. A natural looking waterfall adds an exciting dimension to your property. If you don’t use waterfall, turn off the pump to save electricity and water. This quick guide will help you to make a natural looking waterfall.

How to build a natural looking waterfall:

Important supplies that you needed to build natural looking waterfalls:

  • Submersible pump
  • Rocks
  • Pond Liner
  • Sand
  • Shovel
  • Plastic flower pot
  • Carpenters tool
  • Garden hose.

Before starting your work ensure all supplies. These all supplies are needed to build a natural looking waterfall.

Choose a location: you can easily build a waterfall if there were natural hill or slope, or you can make this by digging soil. If it is difficult to dig out the soil, then you can use a combination of gravel and rocks for build the stream base. Maybe now you think how much slope will be better for the natural looking waterfall. Minimum two inches drop for ten feet stream. Faster water runs make the louder sound.

Create a design: before creating a stream design point out the next waterfall location and by spray paint connect these two locations. Repeat this process again and again until you reach the entrance point of the waterfall. In width and depth create varies.

Study your nature: studying nature by spending sometimes to point out how to build a natural looking waterfall. If there are no any waterfall near your house, then you can look pictures online or photography books and observe everything such as the size of rocks, water flows, pools of water, etc.

Digging the pond: before starting your work, pull the weeds from the spot which you’ve chosen for the pond. Then start digging out to make a pond. By using a shovel, you can make a pool easily. You’ll lay the rocks so be careful when you are making a pool for the waterfall. For cascading waterfalls first, you need to dig the waterfall pool.

Build the waterfalls: to build up a waterfall start your work from top to bottom. For frame side and edges of the waterfall use larger stones. If you have some favorite rocks, the waterfall is the best option to use that. Small and flat rocks are not good for making a waterfall. Irregular and large stone is better to make a waterfall. The width and deep waterfalls have a louder sound.

Choose the rocks: rocks are the most important natural supplies which make your waterfall natural looking. You can use the different type of rocks such as you can use gray granite rocks with off-white quartz. Using river stone is an excellent idea. From river stone, you can find a variety of sizes and types. You can find various sizes and colors of stones. On the water flow line, you can make a bed of small stones to looks natural.

Add plants: to look natural of waterfalls you can plant some flowers or which tree you like most. It looks your waterfall more natural.


                   I hope now you can make your waterfall more natural because you know the excellent tips on How to build a natural looking waterfall. A beautiful waterfall enhances your home beauty naturally.



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