Growing food through the cold season

growing foodGrowing vegetables for all season is a dream only for cool climate gardeners. But following some method, you can grow food through the cold season including every time of the whole year, and it doesn’t depend on your living area. Keep reading this article to know about cold weather growing food. Though in heavy snowfall or hard frost climate areas it’s difficult to grow food but not impossible. Some crops are growing well in winter, but some do not feel comfortable in winter weather.

Growing food through the cold season:

Choosing best plant is important: some plants naturally grow well in the winter season, these are easy to handle in winter, but some are tough to grow in winter. But by following some method, you will be able to grow every type of plants in very cold weather. But if you don’t want to take extra care then choose those types of plants which are easy to handle in the winter season.

Winter season gardening tips:

By taking some effective steps, you can keep the plants warm in very cold weather. Most of the winter season vegetables can survive well in very cold weather. Just covering the soil by mulching it can increase the soil temperature few degrees. Or build a cold frame on your crops to protect it, this process is more effective. Or make a structure like a tent and cover it with transparent plastic on your crops and make a window on the top of the tent. This process may increase the huge heat under the tent, so, it will be risky for your plants. Do this only when the season will too much cold and tough to grow plants. On sunny days open the tents to allow natural airflow. You can also grow food greenhouse system, but this process is really expensive. Even in very cold weather, you will be able to grow plants and food. The greenhouse is made of glasses. Greenhouse collects heat from the sun.

Growing method of some plants in cold weather:

Lettuce: Lettuce grows well in 50-60 degree F., but in a cold frame you can grow it when the temperature went down under 30 degrees F. to protect starter plants sow the seeds inside of your house then place it into a cold frame.

Shallots and onions: when you are planting onions in the autumn season it’s growing well. It’s taken a long time and doesn’t ready for harvesting until the next summer comes. So, be careful when you grow another plant in the spring season and ensure that they are still under the ground. You can grow them in the winter season by using greenhouse method.

Kale: kale can survive well until the temperature goes under the 5 degrees F.

Ornamental varieties: kale and ornamental cabbage are the same genetically. This veggie also uses as a dress-up of dishes. This vegetable grows well in winter. Their tolerance level of temperature until it goes below 10 degrees F.

Parsley: this herb can cold tolerate. You can also grow it indoors in your house and outdoor also. But when the snowfall, keep it in cold frame to protect them.

Growing food through the cold season is not impossible. It will be better to choose those types of plants which naturally grow well in the winter season. But if the weather turns too cold the protect them.

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